The Donelson Fellowship Church App

Providing a Seamless Member Experience

  • Product Designer

Project Overview

The Donelson Fellowship was wanting to provide a place for its members to watch past sermon videos, connect with other members, view upcoming events, easily give online, and connect with a variety of Lifegroups.


Currently, members would have to go to various third party sites to view directories, watch sermons, view groups, and others. This created a frustrating experience and left its congregation guessing where to find relevant information.


By bringing all relevant information into one location, I was able to create a seamless experience for church members looking for information from the church.

Lead Analysis App

Building a Solid Foundation

High importance is given to uncluttered experience that lets users focus in on what matters most, which is the content. With that in mind, focus was given to accessibility and space when building out the Design System. In order to have a solid base, building a language around color, spacing, and typography was the first step.


How the color roles relate to the variants, and how they're applied across the interface.

Colors and roles

Color System in Action

How the color roles relate to the variants, and how they're applied across the interface.

Colors and roles


Embracing white space should be an important aspect of any brand, and it's an often overlooked part of product design. My goal was to create guidelines to take the guesswork out of spacing and help deliver clear, functional layouts.

I started with a spacing scale based on a geometric progression within a 4px grid, limiting the amount of options to create a consistent and purposeful use of space.


Design Mockups

By utilizing a clean layout that would enhance the users experience, I was able to create a simple and functional app design. I used different UI features to better inform/engage the user such as: interactive voting sliders, disabling buttons until conditions were met, and success screen popups.



Design and interactive prototype of a mobile app that gathers all of the important information all in one place.

Improvement Roadmap

  • Ability for members to pre-check-in for the Kids Ministry area.
  • Ability to listen to the TDF podcast.