MP Seminars Website & Training Platform

  • UX/UI Design
MP Seminars

Project Overview

MP Seminars had been creating video training for Logos Bible Software for over 20 years, but was looking to shift to an online subscription model. Our goal was to deliver a platform where users could easily subscribe to this membership site and access training videos on any device as well as be notified when new content was released on the website.

My Role & Responsibilities

  • Lead Designer
  • Research assistant
  • Wireframe and high fidelity mockups
  • Testing
  • Front end development

User personas
User persona cards

Audience Research

By studying website analytics and mailing list demographics, as well as conducting a survey with existing MP Seminars subscribers, we were able to capture key information about the MP Seminars user base. This data allowed us to focus in on several key user details:

  • Who would be using this training platform.
  • What type of content they were wanting training on.
  • What challenges they faced when working online.
  • What features they would like to see in a online training platform.

User Personas

We took this research and used it to develop user personas that would serve as the "WHO" we were building this subscription site for. These personas were used in design processes while mapping out user journeys and also influenced visual design decisions.

Research survey for MP Seminars
Research survey sent to existing MP Seminars subscriber base (409 responses captured)
Wireframe mockups for MP Seminars
Lo-fi wireframe mockups


Once the scope was identified for the new website, I worked on:

  • Developing sitemaps to aid in the design of user flow for the customer.
  • Creating wireframes to determine what information was needed on each screen and how that should be configured.
  • Creating detailed mockups illustrating how the website would look and feel.
  • Establishing the design system which included the style guide, UI components and guidelines.

Userflow for MP Seminars
User flowchart for
Design system for MP Seminars
Website branding & style guide
Hifi design mockups for MP Seminars
Hi-fi design mockups

Development & Testing

Once the design guidelines were set and mockups approved, I moved on to the development phase, which included:

  • Creating a custom theme on the Wordpress platform.
  • Coding functional HTML & CSS for all areas of the website.
  • Creating a responsive framework that would work visually on both desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.
  • Ensuring theme seamlessly integrated with third party features (e-commerce, forms, etc.).
  • Testing the functionality of all elements on the website.


Launch & Iteration

User interaction is the best way to collect data on what's working and what needs improvement. By having a support channel and talking to people at special in-person training events, we were able to collect data and use that to help inform our iteration decisions. We tried to consistently analyze the service and how functional it to our subscribers