Lead Analysis App

Helping Analyze & Measure Lead Data

  • UI Designer


Our team was in need of a hub to quickly view incoming lead data for all of our pay-per-lead clients. This data had been handled across multiple third party sites and other means. I was brought in to design a solution that would tap into multiple API's to port in data into our app.


We were not able to easily get an "at-a-glance" view of how our lead goals and objectives were going. One would have to access multiple third party sites to gather partial data and then piece together all that information.


I designed a solution that would easily us allow our team to see lead and expense data all in one place. This helped streamline lead reviews, inform decision making for ad buying, and ultimately cut time spent by 50%.

Lead Analysis App

Interpreting Data

Our team monitors lead data across multiple clients at any given time. This includes phone calls, form fills, ad expenses, lead goals, etc. We needed a place to be able to quickly review leads, track goal progress, and export lead reports for client meetings.

When analyzing how best to interpret the data, several main sections came to mind that the app would need: Dashboard (a primary hub for incoming data based on a selected company), Leads (a place that showed all incoming leads to review), Companies (a way to setup companies and assign leads/goals to those companies), and Reports (a way to get an "at-a-glance" view of customized data).

Desktop and mobile view of Lead Analysis App


Taking visual cues from best-in-class metric providers, these value types were flowed into card designs to help communicate incoming data.

Lead analysis app
Metrics created for incoming lead data

Desktop Prototype


At the end of each design cycle, I would present the mockups and prototypes to our internal stakeholders and development team. This was to ensure that the application could be implemented from a development perspective and ensure that all needs were being met.

Lead analysis app


Metrics and data visualization are really fun to work with. It was important to stay in constant communication with the development team to ensure certain designs could be executed. I hope to get to work more with data like this in the future, seeing first hand how it has made an impact in our business!