The Essentials of Camping


I LOVE CAMPING! I do, I love everything about it. Getting outside, away from the daily grind that we call work. The smell of the outdoors, a hot meal over the crackling fire, the wind blowing through the trees…I could go on and on. BUT, there are also those things about camping that we tend to forget about until we are out there. I wanted to create a print that pointed out the little details about camping that can be irritating, funny, irrational, or just plain stupid.

il_fullxfull.444444516_jgktTake the the swiss army knife for example. I mean, whoever came up with this design was a genius! It has everything and can cater to everyone. Of course every pocket knife should first and foremost have a…knife. But hold on a second, were not through yet…maybe you want to sip on a brew while you whittle a dog out of that stick you picked up. Let me just whip out the bottle opener. Don’t like beer? Thats ok, because it has a cork screw for all you wine enthusiasts out there. Not sure why anyone would drink wine while camping…but who am I to judge.

I am always so pumped to just get away from it all. I love building fires, roasting hotdogs, hiking, telling stories around the fire…I love it all, except sleeping. Let’s face it, sleeping bags are just not that comfortable. Is that thin layer of padding gonna keep the rock we managed to pitch our tent on from laughing at me all night, as it jabs it pointy edges into my back…nope.

There is always “that guy” when you go camping that is ready for it all. If the apocalypse started mid smore-roast, he would be the one to be with. He has everything! He is prepared for every situation! Forgot your tent in the haste of packing…thats ok, he has 3 extra. Maybe you just stumbled upon a mountain and decided you want to try out mountain climbing, he’s got you covered. Its really an amazing feat, but its hard not to look and notice all of that crap that he didn’t need.

Anyways, if you have gone camping, you can probably relate to some of these things that I have talked about. So next time you head outdoors for a weekend escape, don’t forget to pick up my new screenprint, The Essentials of Camping.