Man of Steel Print

Growing up, I had always dreamt of one day becoming a superhero. It was a lot easier to just transform yourself into what you wanted to be back then. A pot on your head with some tin foil wrapped around your arms and you were an astronaut, ready to take flight in your cardboard box space shuttle. Or maybe a pair of welding goggles and a ceramic plate and you were the fastest indy car racer that ever was. For me, it was a towel tied over my shoulders with a pair of cleaning gloves and suddenly…SUPERMAN!


With the newest adaption of the Superman series coming out this summer, I was inspired to create a print that showcased the Man of Steel, both as a superhero and as the everyday journalist, Clark Kent. I always found the dual identities of superheroes fascinating. Bruce Wayne and the Dark Knight. Peter Parker and the Web-Slinger. Clark Kent and the Man of Steel. Each unmasked identity was usually so different than their alter-self, yet they seemed to pull it off so well. If you were to put on the cape, what would you be like?


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